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Babak Kazemi: Khoramshahr Number by Number Series, 30 Pieces, 2004 - 2008, Mixed media, 17 x 20 cm

AB Gallery represents contemporary art and current positions from the MENA region, which encompasses the countries of North Africa, the Middle East and Iran. AB stands for "across borders": supporting the exchange of art and ideas beyond cultural borders is AB Gallery's primary aim. on .

Travel Group at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art



The ORYX Foundation's museum exhibition "There Are Too Many Walls But Not Enough Bridges" and its artists have caused fantastic & overwhelming reactions by both the media and the visitors! Please read here some articles on the event:

Mina Nasr
AB Gallery
21.02.2016 - 02.04.2016
Samira Alikhanzadeh



Samira Hodaei @ the UBS Panel talk Business meets Culture - Women's Business Network

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"Ein Spagat zwischen Kunst und kulturellem Austausch"
Read here the article on the AB Gallery and Heidi & Franz J. Leupi's efforts in supporting cultural exchange between East and West.

Samira Hoadei

AB Gallery proudly presents Ute Thon's amazing article on the Iranian artist Samira Hodaei, published in the issue 03/2015 of the ART MAGAZIN. Please read here.